0akley. HDU® maximizes impact-resistance standards of the American

Optimized performance and protection. Plutonite® lens materials proven to protect Visual impact isn’t just about looks. Our
againstallthe elements. performance goggles meet and exceed the

Available only from 0akley. HDU® maximizes impact-resistance standards of the American

clarity and impact resistance. Tests from the LightweightPlutonite‘a lens materialofferssuperior NationalStandards Institute.

American National Standards Institute prove it. comfort, clarity and protection against impact and

Conventional lenses can diminish clarity. distort ultraviolet radiation. Maintainingthe proven safety // For high-velocity impact testing, a quanemnch

peripheral VlSlO” and make objects appear characteristics Ol Oakley eyewear, the impact- steel shot is blasted from a pneumatic cannon at

shifted from theirtrue DOSlthTL HDU® gives your resistant material blocks 100% of all UVA, UVB, 102 mph/164 kmh.

eyes a truer picture of the world. virtually free we and harmful blue light. Plutonite‘E’ is the only

01‘ distortion 80d honed With the precision 0f lens material able to achieve the performance // The high-mass impact test uses a metal spike

patented technologies that maintain razor-sharp standards required by the digital design and (more thana pound ofweigmjhalfa kiloldropped

clarity at all angles Of View- ”0033′ lenses also productiontechnologies utilized by Oakley. from overfourfeet.

provide 100% UV filtering and impact protection

worthy of sports professionals.


Maximized performance in any light condition. Technologythatfights the hazard of fog buildup.

Oakley lens tints are engineered to offer the best combination of light Oakley utilizes specially formulated coatings to help prevent lensfog from
filtering, color balance and visual contrast. Visibility on the mountain compromising performance and safety. Goggles with Plutonite® lenses
can vary wildly, from socked-in blizzards to blindingly bright sunlight, are optimized with Oakley F3m anti-fog coating, allowing the inner ballistic
and everything in between. Oakley offers a comprehensive array of lens to absorba minimum of2ml ofmoisture. Goggles with Lexan‘E lenses
performance lenses that match specially engineered base tints with take advantage of Oakley F21“ an anti-fog coating developed specifically
unique lridium® coatings, designed to precisely tune, contrast and for cylindricallens geometryln addition,allOakleysnow goggles undergo
balance light transmission. rigorous testing to ensure venting is evenly balanced for added protection

against fog buildup.

Oakley’s heritage of snow goggle

Authenticity is earned, and Oakley’s heritage of snow goggle innovation goes

back more than 30 years. Decades of engineering have focused on a single,

unwavering goal: To provide snow athletes with the absolute highest level of

optical clarity and protection. Oakley lens tints offer the best combination of
filtering, color balance and visual contrast to maximize performance in any light

condition. Oakley‘s proprietary Prizm”Lens Technology has cracked light’s co

strategically blocking wavelengths along the color spectrum while boos

ambient light. This results in goggle lenses with unmatched levels of

and crispnessthat reduce reaction times and increase performance. With

High Definition Optics (HDO), athletes can rely on unrivaled periorrg:

clarity and impact protection. Breakthroughs in frame architec

component design optimize comfort by balancing pressure, freeing

and eliminating sweat buildup.

shapes it with Oakley style

This segment blends the bold and unique design language of Oakley frame architecture with
features that offer the benefits of comfort, protection and visual clarity to life beyond
sports. Styles are inspired by athletes who see everyday eyewear as an expression of
personality, and along with unrivaled aesthetics, the designs offer innovations made possible
by Oakley’s sport performance roots. Frame and lens technologies match the all-day comfort
of a precise fit with breakthroughs in optical performance. The Performance Lifestyle segment
takes the ultimate in functionality and shapes it with Oakley style

Oakley Jupiter/ Black Iridium

Oakley Jupiter / Black Iridium – C100 is Christian Hundertmark, a Munich based artist
and designer. Born in 1974, Christian started drawing at a young age. In 1989, he
painted his first graffiti ?Batman,? to be followed by 10 years of active graffiti writing.
After his design studies and a short year in advertising, Christian worked as a
freelance graphic designer/illustrator before founding his own studio in 2003. Under
the name C100 Studio, he and his team work for clients such as Home Snowboards,
Sony BMG, Oakley, Nudie Jeans, Sonarkollektiv and Levis, just to name a few. In
2003, he began to immerse himself in other forms of street art, fascinated by the
endless possibilities of new mediums. Despite being very busy with his own projects,
he worked on building an expansive network of street artists.Later that year, his first
book ?The Art of Rebellion: World of Street Art? was published, which got very good
feedback from the worldwide street art scene. Michael de Feo, a renowned New York
artist also known as ?The Flower Guy,? described the book as ?the Yellow Pages of
street art? Three years later his second book, ?The Art of Rebellion ll: World of
Urban Art activism? was released, which documented the evolution of this art form
within the past three years. Both books sold over 70,000 copies worldwide. In Fall
2008, he finished his first book of the new series, ?Part of Rebellion,? which focuses
on only one artist’?s work, featuring his friend Flying Fortress. Also in 2008, a C100
Studio edition of Pyramyd?s Design and Designers book series was released. All
named books are available in bookstores worldwide. Beside working as an author and
designer, Christian holds workshops and lectures for students in Milan and Vienna.

La gamme de lunettes Oakley pour femmes a été remodelée pour s’ajuster aux contours et aux courbes du visage féminin plus délicat

La gamme de lunettes Oakley pour femmes a
été remodelée pour s’ajuster aux contours et aux
courbes du visage féminin plus délicat.Tous nos
modéles ont été testés par plus de cinquante ath-
letes féminines — des centaines d’autres femmes
aussi — et ont été rajustés et mis au point en ten-
ant compte de leurs feedbacks. Chaque style a été
testé sur la précision du confort.

+ Méme si elle est de taille réduite par rapport

a celle des hommes, notre gamme consacrée

aux femmes offre la méme concentration tech-
nologique. Les matériaux de montures procurent
un équilibre de durabilite’ et de confort afin de

mieux performer, particulierement en compé-
tition. L’ajustement unique en trois points main-
tient les lentilles dans un alignement optique
précis procurant une vision claire et précision
sans aucun point de pression. Les embouts et les
plaquettes sont en Unobtainium® pour une ad-
herence qui augmente proportionnellement avec
la sudation. Et les lentilles offrent une protection
totale contre les UV et une resistance a l’impact

+ Offerte dans une variété de coloris mode et de
styles classiques avec des options allant des len-
tilles de prescription a la polarisation, la nouvelle
collection femme d’Oakley répond aux demandes
des fern mes actives et offre encore plus.


The innovation and technology that world-class
athletes have come to rely on can be found in
every Oakley sunglass. Those who lead active
lives know the Oakley icon represents the best
in performance and design. The sport culture
of the brand echoes their own lifestyle as they
aspire to live life to the fullest. They trust the
Oakley brand for industry-leading innovation and
technology, and the sport lifestyle it represents.
The Iconic Collection serves as the physicalmanifestation of Oakley’s passion for industrial design and progressive high-performance optics
that utilize ultra-premium materials including
titanium and carbon fiber. Our icon has become
the signature of style for those who define
today’s look with originality.

The legendary cars of Scuderia Ferrari define speed, power and precision.
Their Formula 1 single-seater cars fuel excitement with cutting-edge
innovation.Oakley,acompanywithasimilarheritage oftechnicalexcellence,
and Scuderia Ferrari have partnered to offer special edition eyewear
that salutes the passion for performance and perfection. Each frame in
this premium sunglass collection carries highlights in the iconic color of
Scuderia Ferrari red, and select renditions are accented with the Scuderia
Ferrari emblem. All feature a laser-etched logo at the corner of the lens, as
well as a logo-embossed Microclear’“ bag for lens cleaning and frame storage.
Valentino Rossi is an icon in the MotoGP world. He has risen to
the top with his ability to push performance past the limit and
respects Oakleyfordoing the same.The Valentino RossiCollection
is an expression of the design and innovation that has made him
one of the most fierce competitors of all time.

Marc Marquez is no longer a surprise sensation. His rookie campaign on the premier
class circuit resulted in his becoming the youngest-ever MotoGP World Champion. He
would have no sophomore slump, winning 10 races to begin the season, locking up a
second consecutive world championship with three races remaining, and becoming
the first person in the sport’s 66-year history to win 13 races in a single championship
season. The young Spanish sensation, with his signature smile, is well on his way to
claiming his place as one of the elite riders in the sport‘s storied history. Oakley is
proud to partner with Marc on a signature collection that reflects his personal style
both on and off the bike.

Dragon Sunglasses are for Surf, Skate or Plain Mischief

Dragon Alliance is located in California and is well known for the design
of original sunglass styles with excellent quality craftsmanship in both
metal and nylon frames. Dragon sunglasses offer UVA as well as UVB
protection in all of their models and styles along with a fixing Rx
adaptability. Dragon glasses are great eye-wear that offer 100% UV
protection lenses as well as frame materials that have been selected with

Dragon Sunglasses are Designed for the Clown in you!
Dragon sunglasses will bring out the rodeo clown in you! Each of the
products have the best quality lenses in polycarbonate and perfectly
suited frame materials while maintaining the quality and style you expect.
There are styles such as APX Inverse Strap Red Ion and Yellow Blue Ion
lens snow goggles. These snow goggles have patented lens technology
featuring super anti-fog lenses, polar tech micro fleece and optically
correct lenses with helmet compatibility. Some of the other choices
include the Nike Grunge Collaboration and the Nike Light Bone
Collaboration among many other styles.
Use Oakley Sunglasses for Skating, Surfing and Mars

Oakley sunglasses have always represented top quality. Decades of
innovation and more than 540 patents have elevated these sunglasses to
a level of art. Today more than 110 countries celebrate the popularity of
Oakley sunglasses that feature the Oakley Frogskins sunglasses. There
are different versions of the Oakley Frogskins sunglasses such as Deuce
Coupe and Koston Brown, along with Tortoise Dark Bronze variants. The
design of the former style was tooled originally from the very first dual-
lens sunglasses to create this classic that is non-polarized and features a
green frame color and lens style that is smoky.

Excellent Sports Sunglasses From Dragon And Oakley

These days the excellent quality and sheer number of sports products
available online is mind boggling. The state is such that if anything, one
will have a problem deciding the choice among such large number of
products, each better than the other and all vying for your attention. If
you are into Iongboarding some of the finest products around include
Arbor and Bustin along with Earthwing and Comet among many
others.There is a similar choice for rollerblades, protection gear,
backpacks, clothing, shoes and sunglasses. If you wish to consider
buying smart sunglasses you have a formidable set of choices among
which are Dot Dash and Dragon sunglasses as well as Electric Visual
sunglasses, RayBan and Oakley sunglasses. Oakley has such great
sunglasses as the Oakley Frogskins sunglasses along with the Oakley
Batwolf, Beckon, Gascan and Holbrook sunglasses these are just a few
among several other impressive brands.

Foakleys TREATY,Oakley is proud to partner with Young Survival Coalition

Der TREATY ist ein charmanter Schuh fijr den sonnigen Tag,
der Farbe in lhr Leben bringt. Der geflochtene Riemen ist dank
des weichen Nylonmaterials komfortabel und macht den Schuh
auch nach einem Iangen Tag bequem tragbar. Die Sohle ist aus
UNOBTAINIUM?, ein Naturmaterial, das fUr hohe Abriebfestigkeit
bekannt ist.

The Oakley THEA TYWZ is a sunny-da y charmer that brings colour
to your lifestyle. Multiple hues grace the braided strap, and
we backed it with soft nylon for comfort. This sandal is ready
for a full day of pavement pounding because we optimized it
with RED CODE TM technology for attenuated shock absorption.
The water-friendly foot deck has MlCHOBAN? treatment
to help control odor-causing bacteria. An outso/e of
UNOBTA/NlU/Vl? rubber maintains a ?rm grip on the world, and
a metal accent on the strap carries the insignia of originality
Oakley is proud to partner with Young Survival Coalition. the premier
international, non-profit network of breast cancer survivors and
supporters dedicated to the concerns andissues that are unique to young
women affected by breast cancer. YSC offers resources, connections and
outreach so young women feel supported, empowered and hopeful. With
an informative interactive website, educational resources and programs,
as well as local support services across the United States, it is YSC’s
goal that no young woman is left to face breast cancer alone. With your
purchase of YSC Special Edition product, Oakley will contribute a portion
of the proceeds to YSC in support of its mission. For more information,
please visit www.youngsurvival.org.


Scht’me Konturen, ein Leichtmetall- Rahmen und
schlanke BUgel die mit echtem Leder ummantelt
sind — das ist die Oakley RESTLESSTM. Der Rahmen
der Oakley RESTLESSTM besteht aus ultraleichtem,
robusten und stress-resistentem C-STMMaterialeinaus
5 hochwertigen Metallen gemischtem Material.
Im Lieferumfang ist ein Oakley Women’s Eyewear
Case (Etui) enthalten.
Fashion may catch their eye, but it takes style to
leave the world HESTLESS’Mand yearning for more.
Beautiful contours of lightweight metal dress your
eyes with smooth curves, accented by sleek stems
that we sheathed in genuine leather. The frame of the
Oakley HES HESS Wis made of the Ultra-lightweight
Hi-ll/lodulus 0-57“ alloy frame material. The glasses
come with an Oakley Women’s Eyewear Case.

Die Oakley DARTTM besticht in ihrem Design durch
die glatte Kontur einer einzigen kontinuierlichen Linse
und kront die exklusive Damenkollektion von Oakley.
Der Rahmen der Oakley DARTTM besteht aus
ultraleichtem, robusten und stress-resistentem
05″“ Material, ein aus 5 hochwertigen Metallen
gemischtem Material. lm Lieferumfang ist ein
Oakley Women‘s Eyewear Case lEtui) enthalten.
Crowning the exclusive Oakley collection for women,
the Oakley DART’M sunglasses are highlighted by
the smooth contour of a single continuous lens.
The frame is made of the Ultra-lightweight
Hi-ll/lodulus (3-57“ alloy frame material. The Oakley
OAHFM comes with an Oakley Women ‘s Eyewear Case